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Biogenic and anthropogenic aerosols are an active part of the marine microbial system




Dr. Miri Trainic - Weizmann institute of Science


Sea spray aerosols (SSA) are amongst the largest contributors to global aerosol mass, with a profound effect on climate through their radiative and microphysical properties. The contribution of oceanic microbial activity to SSA properties is yet to be fully established. In this talk I will present the hypothesis that the marine atmosphere is an active part of the marine microbial system through SSA. I will show how the interaction of phytoplankton with its environment can affect the marine atmosphere through SSA and cloud formation. Three projects will be discussed: 1. A model system in the lab – a 2 species system studying how the infection dynamics of E. huxleyi - virus determine airborne coccolith emission. 2. Natural bloom conditions – SSA emission from a natural phytoplankton population with 100’s of microbial entities during a mesocosm experiment in Bergen, Norway. I will present preliminary evidence on how viral and bacterial presence in natural seawater can lead to airborne infectivity. 3. The effect of marine pollution in the open ocean on SSA formation and properties, measured during the TARA expedition, will be presented. I will show how anthropogenic aerosol are a part of the marine microbial system.

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