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Do it your way: Individual variation in space use and its ecological importance




Dr. Orr Spiegel - School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University


Understanding animal space-use remains a major challenge in ecology, with implications for species interactions, disease spread, optimal foraging and conservation. While studies in movement ecology advance our understanding in these issues, they often focus on species and ignore the role of individuals. In contrast, many studies in animal behavior emphasize the importance of behavioral consistency of individuals (aka as animal-personality), but rarely account for their influence on population level space use, such as the social networks structure. I suggest to link these two (largely disconnected) disciplines and to study how individuals differ in their space-use. Arguably, considering individual variation in space-use can improve our understanding of various ecological processes such as disease spread. Towards this end, I will present some examples from my earlier work with vultures, more recent work with the Australian sleepy lizards, and some simulation modes.

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