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A Symposium Celebrating the 50th
Anniversary of the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat

Registration for the IUI Jubilee Celebration, Eilat
October 23-24, 2019

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IUI 50th Anniversary Photography Competition

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A recent article by
Tom Shlesinger and Prof. Yossi Loya
from Tel Aviv University
(Science 365, 1002–1007; 2019) entitled

"Breakdown in spawning synchrony: A silent threat to coral persistence"
, has drawn widespread attention in the scientific and popular press and adds one more
piece to the complicated jigsaw puzzle of coral reef ecology.

For an exciting brief video, telling the story of this study click this line:

שלדי האלמוגים תיעדו: מה היה באוקיינוס בעבר?

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קרידט לתמונה : איתמר גרימברג

Switzerland visit IUI

Last month (May) we were fortunate to host
a group of big reef supporters Switzerland Ambassador to the Middle East and North Africa, Wolfgang Amadeus Bruelhart,Switzerland Ambassador to Israel, Jean-Daniel Ruch,
and Swiss Ambassador to the
United Arab Emirates, Maya Tissafi.
They were joined by Hans-Christian Bauman from the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv
and honorary Swiss council in Eilat
Dr. Natalie Neuenscwander.The diplomats visited the Red Sea Simulator and held discussions on the
Swiss-supported Red Sea Transnational
Research Center.

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