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Group living in damselfish and computer vision in the coral reef




Anael Engel - Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Animals living in groups face within group competition for resources, yet social groups are common in nature, and specifically in the coral reef. Our study investigates foraging behavior of the site-attached zooplanktivorous Dascyllus marginatus, a common group-living fish in the coral reef of Eilat. We study various aspects of its foraging behavior, especially in relation to movement patterns and individual spatial positions, in an attempt to understand how individuals cope with intra-group competition. We tackle this question via detailed analysis of marked individual movements around the coral. In this seminar I will present new methods for analyzing fish movement in-situ using advanced computer vision techniques and show how these methods may be used to investigate the individual movement decisions of fish in their natural environment.

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